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Benefits of a Home Inspection
Getting a home inspection as the seller can make selling your home that much easier, not to mention it could sell much faster.
An inspection will give you the opportunity to become aware of and repair the different property conditions before even putting your house on the market. This will save you from dealing with any issues that the buyer and their inspector might find.

Having an inspection done on your property makes it more marketable and attractive to buyers because they know they are working with a sincere and committed seller. You are also more likely to get closer to the asking price of your property. The number of contingencies in a sale agreement will be reduced, which makes closing easier.

Home Examiner Report
Once your home has been inspected you will receive a report as to the condition of the home inside and out. This report will be emailed to you or you may request a hard copy.

Each report will contain a summary explaining the issues and needed repairs with your property. The report then goes on and outlines each part of the property, explaining the over all condition. Pictures are also included in the report so that you may go back and fix the inspectors findings before putting your property on the market.

Home Examiner offers a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist to you at no cost so that you may keep your property in tip top shape, preventing any future problems.


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Steve Duchenene
2004 Home Examiner