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Benefits of a Home Inspection
Whether you are an agent or a broker, lender, appraiser, builder or real estate attorney, your customers look to you for advise.  Recommending a home inspection to your client can increase your professional image and credibility.  It will also reduce the liability and possible buyers remorse.  If your client knows exactly what they are getting it will make the transaction that much smoother.

Unlike other inspection companies, we are not a franchised operation.  Our quality is consistent, and our knowledge is backed by 28 years of construction experience.

The solution that can help you increase future business and reduce liability is to educate your customers on the value of a professional home inspection.

Home Examiner Report
Once your client's property has been inspected they will receive a report as to the condition of the home inside and out.  This report will be emailed to your client or they may request a hard copy. 

Each report will contain a summary explaining the issues and needed repairs to the property.  The report then goes on and outlines each part of the property, explaining the over all condition.  Pictures are also included in the report so that your client may go examine the inspectors findings.

Home Examiner offers a Seasonal Maintenance Checklist at no cost.  By recommending this checklist to your clients, they may keep your property in tip top shape, preventing any future problems.


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Steve Duchenene
2004 Home Examiner